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2200+HP 427ci SB Ford <> F3 Pro-Charger with Big Stuff 3 EFI on gasoline


900hp 427ci SB Ford making over 1500hp with 2 nitrous systems


We have many, many custom engine packages to offer.  Our custom engines are dyno tested in house and make real world power that is backed by real world results at the race track.  Our engine combos are proven thru our years of race winning experience and record setting performances.

small blocks

we have designed and built everything from street use, hyd roller, pump gas burning small blocks producing 575+hp to max effort naturally aspirated small blocks that have produced well over 1000hp. We have several large ci 434-440ci small block packages that are in the 800-1000hp range.

we have produced several championship winning nitrous assisted small block packages.  developing a very reliable nitrous engine package that will accept 500-600 hp of n2o!

we also have experience with turbocharged and Pro-Charged small blocks that make over 2000hp!  Our boosted small blocks have held several ET records and MPH records in heads-up drag racing.  Doug Sikora sports the quickest and fastest Pro-Charged legal10.5w car in the world using a Pettis built and designed 434ci engine.  6.67 at 210mph at 2750 lbs on 10.5w tires!

big blocks

we have developed street / marine big blocks that produce over 1.3hp/ci on pump gas up to very reliable packages that produce 900-1000 hp with 200+ pass lifespans between freshen ups.  we have produced max effort ‘conventional headed’ engines that made over 1175hp with 549ci and raised / spread port engines that made 1250hp out of 528ci!

Just as with the small blocks, we have developed reliable nitrous combinations that are capable of producing large horsepower levels of around 1700hp at less than 600ci.  Our engine (a single stage nitrous 525ci) was in the 1st PSCA outlaw 10.5 tire car to go over 190mph way back in 2001.

We also have been involved with BB turbocharged engines that produce over 2500hp!  Mike Bowman’s 540ci twin 88mm turbo engine ran its quickest passes ever and then landed him in the winners circle just 3 races after our updates to it.  Giuseppe Gentile’s BB Ford using a Pettis cam and piston combo has run 6.17 at a huge 245 mph in a 2800+ lb Mustang.  That is serious power!


small block, big block, naturally aspirated, nitrous oxide, turbo, centrifugal blower, roots blower… we have done it all and have many years of hands on, real world experience to lead us to the cutting edge of each engine we design.  a Pettis Performance racing engine is second to none, just look at who is winning next time you are at the races! 



566ci Big Chief.  Nearly 1100hp without nitrous, and close to 1700hp with 2 systems





440ci SB Ford over 1000hp all motor 7800-9000rpm operating range